The Digital Photography Courses (DCC **) were established in 2000, by Malcolm Brownlee, as a program of The Rotary Club of Monash, Inc, to impart vocational knowledge to photographically interested persons, and as a fund raiser for various Rotary community service programs. In 2006 The Rotary Club of Nunawading Inc bacame a partner in the management of the courses. In 2015, having completed over 130 courses and wih 3000 successful former students, the program was handed over to The Focus Foundation Inc, which has similar goals but all profits going to recognised  local charities and community causes.


Malcolm Brownlee

Has been a successful commercial photographer, and creator of commercial displays for over four decades, and as well as co-ordinating the LearnPhotography program for charity, he is the manufacturer of quality display frames for personal memorabilia of: retiring Victoria Police, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, CFA and military personnel.  For further information see his website



The images used on this site were created by course attendees during their respective course.  Whilst the standard is exceptionally high, prospective attendees should not be daunted by this.  Our syndicate and mentoring system ensures that no student(s) are left behind, and these images are representative of the quality achieved by all attendees.  Whilst having a great camera will of course offer certain advantages, the images depicted were created using run-of-the-mill amateur cameras.  This proves our thesis that a person who thinks about his or her images will create better pictures with an ordinary camera, than a person who doesn't think, with expensive equipment.

This picture was taken by Annette Emerson on DCC 64.  See more of Annette's course pictures.